JMX HTML adaptor ver. 1.5

    Let us to present for you a new project from Coldbeans: JMX HTML adaptor. This application is a generic JMX adaptor implemented as a set of custom tags driven JSP pages (actually it is less than 500 lines) and could be used with any application server with JMX support. And because it is JSP you can easily incorporate them into your own applications. It is for example a typical screenshot (for JBoss server):

Reload period seconds   Background
MBean name: jboss.system:type=Server
Management Bean.

List of MBean attributes:

Name Type Access Value
BuildDate java.lang.String RO May 31 2002
BuildID java.lang.String RO 200205311035
BuildNumber java.lang.String RO 200205311035
StartDate java.util.Date RO Mon Dec 30 14:49:34 MSK 2002
Version java.lang.String RO 3.0.0(200205311035)
VersionName java.lang.String RO JBoss_3_0_0

List of MBean operations:

void exit (  int   )  
void exit ( )  
void halt ( )  
void halt (  int   )  
void runFinalization ( )  
void runGarbageCollector ( )  
void shutdown ( )  
void traceInstructions (  java.lang.Boolean  true  false  )  
void traceMethodCalls ( java.lang.Boolean  true  false  )  


JMX adaptor gives to the J2EE developers and administrators HTML based user interface to access, manage, and monitor the JMX based services:

  • View metadata for MBeans
  • Get and set the MBean attributes
  • Invoke operations
  • Receive notifications for changed values
  • Actually, the whole application is just a set of custom JSP tags from Coldbeans. See Related products. So this application plays a role of Blueprint for our Coldtags suite.


    - application server with JMX support
    - browser with DHTML support (tested with IE 5.5+ and NN 4.61+)


    Adaptor is a standard web application (.war file). So you can download jmx-html.war and deploy it on your server. (E.g. for JBoss just save this file in deploy directory of your server). Now you can run it: http://your_server/jmx-html.


    Your feedback: opinions/suggestions/wish list/claim etc. is more than welcome. So do not hesitate to contact us

    For downloading:

    Application: jmx-html.war

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