Address sharing for mobile users

    MECARD is a text format lets you present address information for phonebook registration. Do not ask your partners manually type your data into own address book. Present for them a special QR code they can scan and add your data (in the correct form by the way) just with one click.

1. Now MECARD is a Mobile Web Widget app!

You can type your address info (just fill the fields) in this widget. Than QR code (2D barcode) for this format could be presented. And you can simply show this code (show your phone!) to your partner so he/she will be able to scan it with own phone's camera. And after the scanning it is just a matter of one click to add your address info (accurate address info!) right to phone address book.

And of course, typed data will be saved as widget's preferences, so you do not need to type it again next time.

You can run MECARD in Opera, or on any mobile phone that uses the Mobile Web Widget runtime. It is Business Card 2.0 - do not ask your partners to type your phone/email/web manually.

If you're using a phone, just download the mecard.wgt file and open it. Otherwise, open the config.xml file with Opera to see a copy of MECARD on your desktop!

You can read more about MECARD spec here.

The following screenshots illustrates the process:

initial screen final screen


for downloading:


2. HTML5 mobile web application.

For HTML5 browser you can use mobile application Meshare. Mobile web link is You can load it via this QR-code too:

QR code for MeShare

3. Web widget.

You can present your contact information right on the web page with our JavaScript widget. The usage is:

<script language="JavaScript">
var qr_shareName = your name
var qr_sharePhone = your phone
var qr_shareAddress = your address
var qr_shareEmail = your email
var qr_shareURL = your web url
var qr_shareSize = size for QR-code (format: widthXheight E.g.: 250x250)

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The only one parameter qr_shareName is mandatory. Default size for QR-code image is 200x200. For example:

<script language="JavaScript">
var qr_shareName = 'Coldbeans';
var qr_shareEmail = '';
var qr_shareURL = '';

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

and you will get this:

4. Custom JSP taglib for address sharing

On the server side you can use the following component: Address book taglib. Lets you create QR code for address sharing.

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