Annotated links taglib ver. 1.2

    Custom JSP tags library lets you deal with Annotated links API right in your JSP (and/or Coldfusion by the way) pages. Tag AnnotatedLink lets you pack together a bunch of links as well as your own post-it note. It is a simple way for creating commented links. Share more information with an ordinary hyperlink. For example:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="y" %>

<y:AnnotatedLink uri=" |" id="A" >
Here are Java components from Coldbeans software

Link is: <%=A%>

here tag packs a couple of links, your note and returns back a short URL for the whole bundle..

Tags are:


Tag lets you prepare annotated links. Tag's body describes a post-it note. Attributes are:

1) uri Describes an url (list of urls, separated with | symbol)
2) id Optional attribute. Describes a name for your page scope variable (type is java.lang.String). This object will keep the requested data. Without this attribute tag simply prints the hyperlink for annotated link.
3) proxyHost Optional attribute. Describes a proxy settings for your host
4) proxyPort Optional attribute. Describes a proxy settings for your host
5) target Optional parameter. Describes a target frame.
6) title Optional parameter. Describes a title (tooltip).
7) className Optional parameter. Describes a CSS class.
8) style Optional parameter. Describes a CSS style.
9) rel Optional parameter. Describes a rel attribute.

for downloading:

Library: altag.jar    Description: taglib.tld

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