Credit card taglib ver. 1.5

    Custom JSP tag. Evaluates and processes own body if the specified set of parameter provides a correct description for Visa, Mastercard, AmEx credit card. It is not an authorization through some merchant, tag just checks some set of standard rules for credit card settings.

For example:

<!-- It is not a real Visa credit card :) -->
<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="if" %>

<if:correctNumber number="67899876453212345" type="0" expireMonth="07" expireYear="02">
   <% // Ok, let we do something ... %>

Tags are:


Evaluates own body in case of the specified set of parameters could be treated as a correct credit card description. Parameters are:

1) number credit card number.
2) type card's type. Possible values are:
  0 - VISA, 1 - MasterCard, 2 - American Express, 3 - Diners Club, 4 - enRoute, 5 - Discover, 6 - JCB
3) expireMonth Part of 'Valid thru' data (month)
4) expireYear Part of 'Valid thru' data (year)

for downloading:

    Library: cardtag.jar    Description: taglib.tld

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