Content tag ver. 1.5

    Custom JSP tag. Lets you include file content into current page. Tag is similar to the standard JSP include, but now you may include files that are located outside of your web application. For example:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="add" %>

<add:content file="c:/mydata/myfile.jsp"/>

Tags are:


Includes content of the given file (.html or .jsp for example). Parameters are:

1) file full path to your file
2) flush Optional parameter. Possible values are true or false. If this value is true tag flushes buffers. Default value is false.
3) cond Optional parameter. Describes a boolean value tag's behavior depends on. Default value is true (include content).

for downloading:

Library: cnttag.jar    Description: taglib.tld

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