Text to speech servlet 1.1

    It is a Java servlet lets you deal with TTS API from Ericsson Labs. Servlets presents a Java wrapper for Text-to-Speech API. It lets you convert text to some mp3 file and stream it to the user. The text-to-speech enabler provides you with the opportunity to develop speech enabled applications. Ericsson Labs provides the speech synthesis engine which can translate text to audio data.

Servlet lets you cache generated audio, so locally saved files will serve the subsequent requests.

How to use it:

a) copy ttsPackage.jar into WEB-INF/lib directory

b) describe TTS servlet in your web.xml file. You have to provide the following initial parameters:

key - describes your development key from Ericsson Labs
dir - an optional parameter. Describes any existing directory on your server that will keep cached audio files. By default it is a root directory of your container.


c) describe a mapping for this servlet:


    And now you can use it. Servlet accepts one request parameter:

t - describes a text for converting to audio. For example:


    For downloading:  elTTSPackage.jar   

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