Google Chart servlet 1.1

    It is a Java servlet implements proxy for Google Chart. Servlet requests Google Chart and caches the generated image. So all the sub-sequent requests will be served right from your own site. It lets you keep Google Charts limit (50 000 requests per user) and improve the performance.

How to use it:

a) copy chartPackage.jar into your WEB-INF/lib directory.

b) define ChartServlet in your web.xml file. You can set the following initial parameters:

dir - Describes an existing directory on your server for the saved content
proxyHost - Optional parameter. Describes a proxy host for your internet connection
proxyPort - Optional parameter. Describes a proxy port for your internet connection
expires - Optional parameter. This parameter describes a caching time (in seconds) for the images (client side cache).

For example:


c) define a mapping for ChartServlet:


For the charts generation parameters see Google Charts API. Servlets obviously uses the same set of parameters. E.g.:



    For downloading:  chartPackage.jar   

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