H2W servlet 1.84

    It is a Java servlet allows you to read any web sites from your WAP browser (mobile phone). H2W (HTML to WML) is a HTML filter converts on the fly HTML to WML. So you can use it for the quick access from your mobile phone to any web site (e.g. read news, quotes etc.). Create your own portal for mobile users in a minute! How to use it:

1) download h2wPackage.jar and save it in WEB-INF/lib

2) describe H2W servlet in web.xml file. WML files are limited in their size. H2W will split data on the fly. You must set an initial parameter for this servlet describes any existing directory on your server. This directory will be used for split files. Parameter name is dir


   This directory can be any existing directory on your server. Just make sure your servlet has read/write rights for this directory. Servlet will use specified directory for temp files only and all files from this directory will be deleted.

3) define a mapping:


    the usage is:

    1) http://your_host/servlet/H2W

    type any URL (e.g. http://www.yahoo.com) and press Enter.

    2) http://your_host/servlet/H2W?any_url

    this way you can use H2W for your wap sites (e.g. some portal for mobile users). For example you can write some like this:

    <card id="mycard">
        <a href="http://your_host/servlet/H2W?http://www.cnn.com">CNN</a>

Note: evaluation version outputs the first three WML pages only.

    For downloading:  h2wPackage.jar

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