Hide link servlet v. 1.1

Simple component lets you hide links (e.g. hide affiliate links). It is sometimes necessary to hide, or cloak, your affiliate links to stop people stealing your commission or bypassing the affiliate link and going straight to the main site. This component frames the site you are promoting making it looks to the visitor as if they are still on your site. In other words, no matter which page they go to on the framed site they will only see your own domain in the browser window. How to use it:

1) download hidelinkPackage.jar and save it in WEB-INF/lib

2) describe Hide link servlet in web.xml file. You should describe two initial parameters:

title - describes a title for your cloak frame
link - describes an URL for the link you are going to hide  

      <param-value>Useful items</param-value>

3) define a mapping:


and now you can use it (e.g. in hypelinks):


For JSP see also Mask URL taglib in Coldtags suite

For downloading:

servlet: hidelinkPackage.jar  

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