HTTP proxy taglib ver. 1.1

    Custom JSP taglib lets turn your JSP file into HTTP proxy server. You can use this taglib for hiding your real servers or for the cross-domain Ajax requests. For example:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="p" %>

<p:proxy host="http://localhost:8088"/>

here all the incoming requests will be serviced by http://localhost:8088 site. With attribute id you can save the output from your host in the page scope variable (type is java.lang.String). Also you can describe proxy settings for the outgoing requests. If your target host is not reachable tag will outputs own body.

Tags are:


Body tag implements HTTP proxy. Parameters are:

1) host Describes a host your request will be redirected to.
2) proxyHost Optional parameter. Lets you describe a proxy host for the outgoing requets.
3) proxyPort Optional parameter. Lets you describe a proxy post for the outgoing requets.
4) id Optional parameter. Describes a name for the page scope variable.

See also HTTP Proxy servlet here

for downloading:

 Library: httpproxytag.jar     Description: taglib246.tld

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