Last podcast servlet v. 1.3

This component lets you download the latest media file (e.g. the latest mp3 file) from the given podcast. You can provide URL for podcast's RSS feed as a parameter for this servlet and component will download the latest data file from that podcast. E.g. you can use this servlet with some flash player on your site for getting the latest data from podcast. How to use it:

1) download lastpodPackage.jar and save it in WEB-INF/lib

2) describe LastPodcast servlet in web.xml file. You have to provide an initial parameter - RSS feed for the podcast. Parameter's name is rssUrl. Optionally you can provide your proxy settings: proxyHost and proxyPort. You can set also an optional initial parameter expires. This parameter describes a caching time (in seconds) for the data (client side cache).  


3) define a mapping:


and now you can use it:


(you can directly use this servlet in your media player). Also you can provide rssUrl parameter right as a request parameter for this servlet:


For downloading:

servlet: lastpodPackage.jar  

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