Log servlet 1.7

It is a Java servlet allows you to collect information about page visitors. You can put a reference to this servlet inside your pages and all relevant information will be collected in the given log file. And the reference to this servlet looks like a graphical dot on your page. This statistical component does not use JavaScript, so you can deploy it on mobile sites too.

How to use it:

a) copy logPackage.jar into your WEB-INF/lib directory.

b) define LogServlet in your web.xml file:


c) define a mapping:


You may use this servlet in one of two forms. At the first hand you may set a path to your log file as a parameter to this servlet. So the usage (html code for your page) is:

   <img src="http://your_host/servlet/LogServlet?path_to_log_file" width=1 height=1 nosave>

or you can set a path to some directory. Log file (files) will be created within this directory automatically. File name will be selected according to the template: ddmmyyyy.txt where dd is current day, mm is current month and yyyy is current year:

   <img src="http://your_host/servlet/LogServlet?path_to_some_directory" width=1 height=1 nosave>

also you can define log file (directory) as an initial parameter for this servlet. Parameter name is log:


in this case you can use servlet so:

   <img src="http://your_host/servlet/LogServlet" width=1 height=1 nosave>

Log file is a text file with tab separated values. Each line contains:
IP address, date, URI in request, HTTP protocol, visitor's browser, referer page, visitor's charset, visitor's encoding, visitor's language (locale).

    For downloading:   logPackage.jar

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