SMS gateway ver. 1.1

This application is a small SMS gateway. Gateway lets you read incoming SMS messages from GSM modem and save them in XML files for the future processing. As GSM modem you can use your GSM phone connected to computer via data cable.

How to use it:

a) download smsGate.jar

b) create a configuration file. Configuration file is a text file, emply lines and lines start with // or # will be ignored. Each description placed on the separate line and has got the following form:


This version supports the following parameters (keys):

port - describes com port for your GSM modem
dir - describes an existing directory for XML files
log - describes an existing directory for log files. Default value is log.

For example:


c) run SMS gateway:

java -classpath smsGate.jar;%CLASSPATH% com.abava.sms.receiver.GetSMS your_config_file

now any SMS received by your modem (phone) will be saved in the separate XML file. XML file has got the following format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <phone>here will be phone number</phone>
 <text>here will be text of SMS</text>


1. Gateway uses Java communications API. So you have to download system .jar's here
2. The evaluation version may add extra info to downloaded messages.

   For downloading:
    SMS gateway:  smsGate.jar

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