Time spin taglib ver. 1.3

    Custom JSP taglib. Tag timespin lets you implement a time chooser in the form of a well know for GUI programmers spin control. For example:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="s" %>

<s:timespin name="x"/>

and you will get some like this:


Of course, you have to place this control within some HTML form (or within our form tag).

Tags are:


Custom tag for time spin control. Parameters are:

1) name describes a name for this element
2) style Optional parameter. Describes your own CSS style
3) className Optional parameter. Describes your own CSS class
4) initValue Optional parameter. Describes an initial value. Tag accepts here java.util.Date or java.util.Calendar value. By default it is a current time.
5) step Optional parameter. Describes a step for increment/decrement in seconds. Default value is 60 (1 minute).
6) format Optional parameter. Describes a format for time field. Possible values are short (hh:mm) or long (hh:mm:ss). Default value is short (hh:mm).
7) border Optional parameter. Describes a border drawing policy (draw/do not draw). Default value is true
8) imageUp Optional parameter. Describes an URL for top picture. Default value is up.jpg (see downloading)
9) imageDown Optional parameter. Describes an URL for bottom picture. Default value is down.jpg (see downloading)

for downloading:

Library: timespintag.jar    Description: taglib.tld
Default images: up.jpg   down.jpg

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