Title taglib ver. 1.2

    Custom JSP taglib. Lets you request the remote site and obtain a title. For example:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="t" %>
  <t:Title host="http://www.servletsuite.com" />

You can use this taglib in your mashup applications for example. Taglib supports cache so the subsequent requests for the same host will get data from the cache without the getting and parsing the real HTML. If the remote host is not available or title is not provided tag will return an empty string.

Tags are:


Body tag obtains a title from the remote host. Attributes are:

1) host - describes a requested host (URL)
2) encoding - Optional attribute. Describes an encoding for the remote site
3) id - Optional attribute. Describes a name for the page scope variable (type is java.lang.String). This variable will keep the requested data. Without this parameter tag simply prints a title.
4) name - Optional attribute: user name (for the protected sites)
5) password - Optional attribute: password (for the protected sites)
6) timeout Optional attribute. Describes a timeout for your request (in milliseconds).
7) proxyHost Optional attribute. Describes proxy settings for your system.
8) proxyPort Optional attribute. Describes proxy settings for your system.

for downloading:

Library: titletag.jar     Description: taglib.tld

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