User feed taglib ver. 1.3

    Custom JSP tags library lets you obtain RSS data feed for the given user across the group of the popular web services. Taglib could be used for lifestream building in your web applications. For example:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="d" %>

<d:UserDataFeed name="t411" service="twitter"/>

In this example taglib requests URL for RSS data feed of user t411 on twitter (see In the current version you can request data for the following services (possible values for the attribute service): delicious, digg, flickr, livejournal, lastfm, stumbleupon, twitter, youtube, posterous, friendfeed.

Tags are:


Body tag lets you obtain a user data feed. Attributes are:

1) name Describes an user name
2) service Describes a service (see above)
3) id Optional attribute. Describes a name for the page scope variable (type is java.lang.String) with data. Without this attribute tag simply prints data.

for downloading:

Library: userfeedtag.jar    Description: taglib.tld

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