WebTest servlet 1.3

    It is a Java servlet lets you test the availability for your web sites from the mobile phone with WAP support. This simple tool helps system administrators to test their web sites.

How to use it:

a) copy webTestPackage.jar into your WEB-INF/lib directory.

b) define servlet in your web.xml file.


define a mapping:


    the usage is:


Data file is a text file, each line describes one URL in the form of:

URL some mnemonic name

Values are separated by the tab symbol (\t). Empty lines and lines starts with # or // are ignored. E.g.:

http://www.acme.com   Acme web
http://department.acme.com   Yet another site

Servlet displays this list of mnemonic names on your mobile, lets you choose some URL and test its availability. Alternatively, you can provide this list as an initial parameter for the servlet. Parameter's name is config:


    In this case the usage is:


Of course in both cases you do not need to type that URL on your phone. You can simply create such a link on your WAP site. So this component is a widget for your mobile sites.

    For downloading:  webTestPackage.jar   

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