Windows logon taglib ver. 1.2

    Custom JSP taglib for client-side authentication. Taglib lets you work with user's Windows public credential using an ActiveX control built into Microsoft's IE. For example:

1) pass Windows User Name as a parameter for request:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="w" %>

<form name="myform" ...>
  <w:saveUserName formName="myform"/>

and when you submit this form to your servlet or JSP page you can read User Name as request.getParameter("WindowsUserName")

2) redirect non-logged users:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="w" %>

<w:ifUserUndefined redirect="your_page_here"/>

Note: this taglib works with IE 5+ in Windows (9X, 2000, XP).

Tags are:


Tag saves Windows user name in the hidden variable for HTML form. Parameters are:

1) formName Describes a name for the form.
2) name Optional parameter. Describes a name for the variable. Default value is WindowsUserName


Tag redirects user to the given page if Windows user name is undefined. Parameters are:

1) redirect Describes an URL for redirect

for downloading:

Library: winlogon.jar    Description: taglib.tld

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