Yahoo! Messenger taglib ver. 1.1

    Custom JSP tag helps you incorporate Yahoo! Messenger into your web site.

For example:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="y" %>

<y:ymsgr user="servletsuite">Send message in Yahoo! Messenger</y:ymsgr>

You can use also standard images provided by Yahoo. They are described by setting style parameter in tag. Also you can set a default message. E.g.:

<y:ymsgr user="servletsuite" style="2" message="Hello"/>

and you will get some like this:

Tags are:


Defines a hyperlink for calling Yahoo! Messenger. Parameters are:

1) user Describes Yahoo! ID
2) style Optional parameter. Defines a style for Yahoo! presence icon. Possible values are 1, 2 or 3. By default is empty (tag does not include icon).
3) message Optional parameter. Defines a message for sending. By default is empty (user will type it in Yahoo! Messenger).

for downloading:

    Library: ymsgrtag.jar    Description: taglib.tld

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