Some experiment with Google Social API

The original document described this API and presented by Google is here: URLs are People, Too. The author of this work is Brad Fitzpatrick. So if the URL's are People too, than let us make one step more: URL's are Faces too. That is the idea for this Google Social API test. JavaScript code (e.g. social widget) examines hyperlinks in the text with Social Graph API and if for some link we can detect Twitter account than userpic (user's image) from that account will be presented here. So the document you are reading will be socialized in some way - you will see the authors for the outbound links. See how does it work. This document has got outbound links to, and to one site that should not be covered by Google Social Api (just for the test): Coldbeans

Press this button to see the faces:

It is an example for the "social" widget. You can grab faces from Twitter, Livejournal, Jaiku etc.

Coldbeans 2008