How to use Tree taglib with Struts

This code demonstrates a usage Tree taglib with Struts or similar packages. The main idea here that you can actually create the whole tree in your server side code and pass this tree to your presentation level as an attribute for the request. So it is the same way you are passing data from your controller to JSP files.

For example:

1. Your action creates a tree and saves it in the request scope:

com.cj.tree.TreeBean root=new com.cj.tree.TreeBean();

com.cj.tree.TreeBean node1=new com.cj.tree.TreeBean();
node1.setCode("Node 1");



// now we can pass our tree to JSP

in your JSP file you can use tree taglib so (see modelName parameter):

<tree:createTree defaultConnectors="false" verticalConnector="vertical.gif" middleConnector="middle.gif" modelName="tree">

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