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location info in messages

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It is obvious, that the question "Where are you" is one of the most often asked during the communications. 600 billion text messages per year in the US ask "where are you?" - as per Location Business Summit 2010 data. If so many questions have been asked it definetly should a place for helping tools.

A huge amount of mobile services is actually being built with this question in mind and user's location data exchange (publishing, discovering) is one of their features.

But the existing services either ask you to load some monitoring application and have your location data being recorded on the background or ask you to publish location data into some social network (stream)

Geo Messages offers an innovative approach. It lets you share location data on the peer to peer basic and send them as signatures to the standard messages (Email, SMS). No background monitoring, no social networks etc. Just a direct answer to the question "Where are you?". So in our approach Geo Message is an oridnary message with some location info inside.