Geo Messages

location info in messages

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QR code test

We can demonstrate also some use cases for this approach. For example, this page describes how to save and find later your car parking place. This article describes how to share location in Facebook (some like check-in for Facebook). And this mashup lets you do check-in via Twitter.

Here you can see another use case - add location info to your messages in the blog. Do you need to show some specific map? There are several solutions: QR code address info (bookmark for locations) and QR maps mashup that let you create QR code for maps. Publish them on your web site and let visitors load maps right to own mobiles. And with Places cards you can create mobile web sites for sharing locations of your business (event etc.).

Still using some legacy phone? Yes, we have a solution for you too: Signed geo messages. Actually it was one of the first applications we've tested Geo Messages idea with

Some publications about this approach:

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