Breadcrumbs taglib ver. 1.5

    Custom JSP tag. Generates HTML code for site navigation. It is so called breadcrumbs. You have seen this type of navigation many times on various web sites. It looks some like this:

first_link >> second_link >> etc.

For example for this page we may create such navigation stuff:

Coldbeans >> JSP >> Navigation tag

and here is an appropriate code for .jsp page:

<%@ taglib uri="taglib.tld" prefix="set" %>

<set:Navigation separator=" >> ">
  <set:link url=""/>
  <set:link url="/jsp.htm" title="JSP"/>
  <set:link url="/servlets/navtag.htm"/>

Tags are:


Generates HTML code for breadcrumb. Parameters are:

1) separator Defines separation between links.


Adds a new link to breadcrumb. You must this tag within Navigation. Parameters are:

1) url Describes url. You may set some absolute value (e.g. or some relative path (e.g. /page1.htm)
2) title You may set an explicit title for your link. If you omit this parameter system will use <title> HTML tag from the given url.
3) style Optional parameter. Describes a CSS style for hyperlink.
4) className Optional parameter. Describes a CSS class for hyperlink.

for downloading:

    Library: navtag.jar    Description: taglib.tld

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