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Due to Sun's trademark restrictions (the word Java in any form) our name has been changed to Coldbeans Software. So, what does it mean? No more Java(tm) here? Forgive us .NET and C-sharp?

Do not worry (or do not hope)! All our content is (and will be) alive. Our products will be distributed by old names (JSOS for servlets office suite and Coldtags for custom taglibs). So we are still in the same area and what is probably more important we are still cold! (is it a good candidate for our own trademark? :)

Stay tuned. New stuff will be available as usually on In the upcoming week you will see many new titles in Coldtags suite. New components for example do provide functionality similar to web forms (controls) in .NET framework. Many new components (as well as updates for existing servlets) will be available for JSOS too. And as usually your feedback (suggestions/features/options/claim etc.) is more than welcome.

Best regards,
   Coldbeans Software team