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    At the first hand take a look at our products.

    Our Java(tm) servlets collection  is probably the largest collection on the Net. Are you going to replace CGI scripts with the modern technology? If answer is yes, JSOS is a good fit for you. Are you a Java server vendor supports J2EE in the own product? Think about bundling JSOS with your server. It is an extra argument for users looking servletrunner. Are you an ISP, supports Java servlets hosting? JSOS is for you.

    Coldtags suite is also the largest collection of custom JSP tags over the Net. Do you think about .NET? Check out our custom tags - we do provide the same functionality as .NET's web forms. Do your job in Java.

    Coldbeans Software offers also very smart development tools for server side based Java applications. For example J2J is a revolutionary tool allows you to combine server side Java and JavaScript or DHTML.

    At Coldbeans we offer also custom Java programming service (server side Java at the first hand). Coldbeans offers world class project management and development. We can help you with all levels of the project life cycle. From initial design, directly through to testing and support. We will make sure you to be completely happy with our Java solution.

    We can work onsite or offsite; the choice is yours. Feel free to contact us. Your projects are the most important piece of work to us. To this end, we use all the latest Internet communication facilities to ensure you are kept informed of the progress of our project team.

    We want you to be in complete control of your budget. We do not charge out our consultants on daily rates. Instead, we price on a fixed project basis. We spend the time preparing a specification that both parties will agree to. Upon then, we give you a fixed price that generally works out more cost effective than hiring your own team of consultants from an agency.

    We offer special stuff for small companies and start-up. We understand the needs of a new Software or Internet business and we also understand your possible limitation in resources. If your start-up company needs Java development but has no means of funding it, then in return for a share or stake in your organization we may be willing to provide big discounted cost for the development.

The latest news about our development are available in our blog and twitter.

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