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    Let us present for you a new project from Coldbeans: JMX suite. This project provides a rich set of management widgets for various application servers. Our main idea is very simple. We are going to allow developers include management functions right into their web applications. So you may threat this at the end of the day as a configurable management console (consoles for various server). The word "configurable" means here that you will be able to assemble your own JMX adaptor (adaptors) from our "lego-like" blocks, where each block is just a custom JSP tag all web developers are familiar with.

We have generic JMX-related products such as JMX taglib: and JMX HTML adaptor: Adaptor is a set of custom tags driven JSP pages (actually it is less than 500 lines) could be used with any application server with JMX support. And because it is JSP you can easily incorporate them into your own applications.

For application servers we are targeting currently two products: JBoss and Weblogic.

1. JBoss

Even our own statistics related to users of our JSOS and Coldtags collections shows that JBoss is extremely popular among developers. So, any JBoss user is aware about JMX console (http://localhost:8082, right?). But hey, what if you need to use only part of it? What if you need to add your own styles/design frameset? What you have to do if you need to add some functions to your own applications and hide all the internal complexity of JMX API? That is what our stuff will be for at the end of the day.

Check out the latest version of JMX console for JBoss here: JBoss JMX console
Check out the current state for JBoss related tags here: JBoss JMX tags

2. Weblogic

Just a market leader. That is all. Provides own management console with the very easy access to almost all the imaginable management tasks for your server. JMX based of course. But again, what if you need to extract only some functions from their applet? And use them for example from your WAP-enabled mobile? Right, you may use JMX API, like this console does. But what if you will have a set of reusable high-level blocks instead of low level API calls? Again, that is what our product is for.

Currently you may see some our examples right on Bea's portal in Weblogic 7.0 examples section. More examples will follow up.


Your feedback: opinions/suggestions/wish list/claim etc. is more than welcome. So do not hesitate to contact us

Investor relations

Currently this project has been funded from private sources. If you are interested in investing in JMX suite or have a related inquiry please contact Dmitry Namiot at

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